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Jobsites Re-imagined

Bonsai Technology Company is the developer of technology solutions that improves productivity and employee satisfaction.  At Bonsai Technology, engineers work directly with accomplished manufacturing, construction, and warehouse professionals to develop technology solutions to common worksite problems and obstacles.

Construction Worker

Custom Technology Solutions

Bonsai's can deploy a variety of hardware and software solutions to meet your individual needs. We have extensive experience with live streaming hardware, video hardware, artificial intelligence, and mini computers. Using these tools, we create products that serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears, providing businesses with greater and more immediate intelligence on what is happening on jobsites and opportunities for improvement and optimizations.

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Highways England


Highways England

Bonsai worked with Highways England, one of the largest construction firms in Europe, to develop a turnkey solution that allowed them to to bring people closer to what they do and the teams involved. Our custom computer system gave them the ability to stream 360-degree 4K live from jobsites, making their work accessible to stakeholders all over the globe.

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We would love nothing more than to speak with you about how our custom computer systems can transform your job-sites.

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